Some people would say Illuminati is fake

celebrity_illuminatiScott Stenwick believes Illuminati is fake and this is what he had to say.
Salon has an article up today about “Illuminati symbolism” in popular music, and how essentially it’s just a big publicity stunt on the part of stars who exploit conspiracy theorists to generate more press for their songs and albums. From a cynical standpoint this makes a lot of sense – the “Illuminati symbols” that show up in music videos are so well-known at this point that they’ve gone from esoteric to obvious, but they nonetheless generate breathless condemnation by crackpots obsessed with the group’s supposed ongoing plan for world domination. But here’s a clue – if you’re really part of a secret conspiracy, I imagine that the worst thing you could possibly do is broadcast to the entire Internet a video that pretty much announces, “Hey everybody, check out my secret conspiracy!”

The fear of the entity known as the Illuminati is neither unique — Bey and Jay join Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Ke$ha, Kanye West, and practically every prominent banker and politician on Earth is under conspiracy theorists’ microscope — nor novel. The original Bavarian Illuminati, a short-lived Enlightenment group devoted to overthrowing the local government, would likely have been forgotten, said “Occult America” author Mitch Horowitz, had Scottish physicist John Robison not speciously alleged in 1797 that the group had infiltrated the Freemasons and instigated the French Revolution.

“The Illuminati can be understood as the most radical edge of the marriage of avant-garde religious views and political views that sometimes found expression within Freemasonry,” said Horowitz. The movement, as redefined ex post facto to include practically every threatening and new development in American life, went on to resurface in rumors from the anti-Masonry fervor of the 1830s to the election of a Catholic president in 1960 to (did you need to ask?) the Obama presidency. Though the political goals of the Illuminati in Bavaria were locally minded, the avant-garde aspect lives on. Horowitz listed certain motifs: “skulls, serpents, eyes and pyramids, pentagrams. These were from a religious culture that had vanished after the Dark Ages; they’re alluring, dangerous, sinister.”

All of this seems convincing, but I still believe that Illuminati is still real today, as it was back then. Think about it, illuminati’s simbal is the pryamid with the all seeing eye on top, right? Then ask your self this, “How were the pyramids built?” Me and a friend of mine were talking albout how people who tryed to use some power tools to break the bricks used in the pyramids and they cuoldn’t. i believe that Illuminati is tied, some how, to the making of the pyramids. I believe that aliens and the Illuminati are, some how, tied together also, because if the power tools we use today couldn’t cut or break the bricks how did the egyps do it back then. I think that illuminati used the alien’s technoligical tools to shape the bricks. I think that the all seeing eye represents the aliens and the pyramid’s 13 rows represent the top 13 Illuminati members.


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